Friday, November 24, 2006

I talked with Malachai in Spanish about Thanksgiving on the way to school this morning; I want him to have the concepts and words given to him in Spanish so that he could repeat them to anyone who asked (or didn't . . . ) It's a funny thing - - learning in another language . . . . I find that if I want to communicate an idea in Spanish, it is much easier to do so if I have read or talked about it first in Spanish. Having to take an idea that was first formed or introduced to my mind in English and then try and translate it to Spanish can be a bit cumbersome.


darcie said...

I agree but I didn't think it was the same for you--but then I guess we never talked about Thanksgiving in Spanish when we were gnawing away on those Mexican turkeys, tough as rubber, the ones we had to chase and pluck before boiling for hours, remember?
I made 7 pies and we were 18 around two tables for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday; we missed you all; sounds like you enjoyed roast turkey and pecan pie. The boys are "flying" since the Aggies beat UT today; I'm certain Rachel could hear them bellowing. This morning we thoroughly enjoyed our pancakes with maple syrup and maple butter that Nathaniel brought from Syracuse.
love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi,

I'm glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving with friends. How did your Pecan pie with honey turn out? The mashed potatoes looked great - mashed potatoes and gravy -my favorite splurge.

We had a wonderful dinner with Clark and Debbie and the girls. She baked 2 turkeys and two spiral hams. We only had 15 people there! I guess it is that America - more is better. However, it was nice because she had everyone bring food home the the next day.



Anonymous said...

hey naomi

i found your blog thanks to whiney and sameer im glad you had a great thanksgiving. i saw some of your pictures josu is getting so big.

i alos have a blog space:

talk to you soon

jenny embleton