Thursday, November 30, 2006

Malachai told us today that he loves Josu. Why?
apparently it's "because he is so, so, so little, and so sweet!"


Anonymous said...

aww they are so cute naomi!

jenny embleton

darcie said...

Oh, baby Josu, Aunt Abi and I love you so much and it looks like your big brother is squeezing the juice out of you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi,

With all the energy and personality Malachai has he can't help but love Josu' so much! I'm sure he is just counting the days when they can play soccer together.

We have the sweetest grandsons and we love them so much too!


stephanie said...

I will agree that they are adorable! I'm so excited that all of you are coming soon. I'm going to come over and be part of the cookie making/decorating crew for Abi's wedding. You will also get to see my big fat belly. Daddy likes to refer to me as "my fat daughter" At least I have a reason! Actually he looks really good - he's lost a lot of weight.

Cat said...

Ah Naomi, finally I get to read your beautiful page! Thank Ryan for that. And now I miss you so much. Give our love to your delightful boys!

p.s. amelie doesn't call malachai "carrot" anymore.. now it's just "kai".
p.p.s. you're so inspiring.. makes me want to blog!!

Heather said...

priceless. Beautiful have some great pictures of them. Can't wiat to see you guys.