Friday, September 01, 2006

Alli's memorial service was last night; it was a sweet time of remembering Alli and of being with the Veldt family as they remembered her.

Luke had wondered if maybe we could make some bookmarks with Alli's picture and a bible verse to pass out at the service; Rachel and I did that - - and I was so glad to - - I know it was just a very, very small detail, but I was glad to know that we were doing something that Luke wanted.

What a blessing it has been to live a bit of it along side of the Veldt family this past week; they have lived the tremendous tension of truly rejoicing that Alli is better (fully and perfectly better!) in heaven, and at the same time feeling and expressing the immense pain brought on by death.

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Grandma said...

Dear Naomi,

I know this has been a diffcult week for you. I'm sure the Veldt family feel blessed to have you, Joshua, and Rachel come along side them during the biggest trial of their lives. God has placed your family in the perfect place and time so that He can use the gifts he has bestowed on you for His glory.

We will continue to pray for the Veldt family. God's plan and vision is always so much bigger than ours.