Friday, September 15, 2006

Malachai and I pulled this great little bike out of the trash on our way home from school yesterday; it's a classic - - made in Spain! The frame can actually be broken down into two pieces - - to facilitate storage and transportation.


sradke said...


What a great find! I can tell from Malachai's face that he agrees :) One more memory for you all to have as you continue to make Spain your home. God is gracious.

I check your blog regularly and it's great! You guys encourage our faith as you serve our King(Romans 1:12).

Sarah (for Dan too:)

Popi Newton said...

Dear Malachai, The bike looks great! Maybe you and I can go for bike ride when come to SATX for Aunt Abi's wedding. I'm glad you are wearing your helmet. Your gran-Popi has needed it several times to protect his head when he (I) fell off his bike. I love you, popi.

gab said...

Great Bike! Amaleah is going to be wishing for one, as Luke accidentally backed over her really cool trike (her fault for leaving it behind the car!)
Missing you! The NC Newtons!

Aunt Patsy said...

Hi Naomi,

What a blessing! That's a perfect example of one child's loss is definitely Malachai's treasure. He looks so excited being the new proud owner of his bike. God is so cool!
Malachai...this is from your Aunt Patsy from Florida. Remember, your cousin, Matthew, who let you play with his dinosaurs and our little weenie dog, Oscar? We loved it when you visited our home. I hope you can come again sometime. Matthew says hello to you and that he'll shoot a basketball in the hoop for you.
Hugs and love to you and Josu, and to your mom and dad.