Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When we put Malachai down to bed at night, we try to have him thank God for at least one good thing He has given us or done for us during the day. Sunday night I said to Malachai - - "Malachai, let's thank God for . . . " and he finished my sentence . . . "that Alli is in heaven with Jesus!"

we are thankful that Allison is in heaven with Jesus - - our hope and joy is REAL! we are grappling, though, with the reality of the pain of death. I hurt so much for their loss! Luke, Jodi, and the rest of the family have blessed us as they "trust in the Lord with all their heart"; I am thankful for them; they are amazing! As I try to think of ways to bless them these days, I feel a bit like an umpa- lumpa offering to help Goliath reach the dishes in the top cupboard . . .


Grandma said...

Speak, Lord, in the stillness,
While I wait on Thee;
Hushed my heart to listen,
In expectancy.

Speak, O blessed Master,
In this quiet hour;
Let me see Thy face, Lord,
Feel Thy touch of power.

Speak, Thy servant heareth,
Be not silent, Lord;
Waits my soul upon Thee
For the quickening word -E Mary Grimes

stephanie said...

We have been praying for you and the Veldts since your mom shared with us Sun evening. Please tell them that we are praying for them and for God to use this in a marvelous wonderful way in the lives of your church and Spaniards you have relationships with.

Jim & Kathy Carlson said...

Hi Naomi (& Joshua),

Just wanted you to know that we think you are doing a great job with your kids. Keep it up!

Jim Carlson
Lyon City Team