Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well, I went down to the school yesterday and signed Malachai up without a glitch! Joshua and I took Malachai this morning to "orientation" - - met his teacher, the other kids & parents, and explored the classroom. I saw several of the women I know from the neighborhood with their three year olds too. I am beginning to wonder how this might change our lives . . .


jonah said...

How long will Malachi go to school each day up there? I've been loathe to get on a waiting list for Sophia because down here the 3 year olds go to school for 8 hours a day... which seems like a bit much to me. Is it different up there?

darcie said...

Ah,sounds asthough our little grandson takes after his Aunt Mercy, "Please, please, let me go to school. . .", of course Mercy said that when she was 13!
We'll be praying for this brand new step in your lives; I know that God gives us wonderful opportunities to trust Him with our children from going to pre school to going to college, and yes, when going to heaven.


TheBlueRaja said...

We dropped Maddy off for her first day of school this morning. I'm still recovering.

We think and speak of you often. Though the the Veldt's obviously don't know us, give them our love. Somehow the news of that combined with this new transition with Maddy have been pressed together in my mind, scaring me into trusting God's sovereignty over the lives of my children.

Death is wrong. May Jesus come to deal His own death blow to it soon.

Sam I am said...

Hey!!! Just want you to know that I follow along through JOsh's emails, but now that I know you have a blog...let the games begin!!!

I miss you and think you're astounding!