Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday morning

Sunday morning:
I slept later than I should have, went for a coffee, and then joined Rachel in the kitchen to make Christmas treats to pass out this week to our neighbors and local businesses.
I ruined my second batch of toffee (so I felt discouraged)
then the arms on the snowflake sugar cookies kept falling off (and I felt angry)
then I discovered that the brownies were baking at 500 degrees instead of 350 (and I just wanted to cry)

so I had to stop for a bit in my sticky, messy kitchen, and remind myself that having perfect brownies or snowflakes should not drive my emotional state

and I had to remind myself that the true delight of Christmas is not a perfect cookie package (um, you knew that, right?), but rather, the gift of God becoming flesh in order to carry out the greatest rescue plan in the history of mankind.

the neighbors will get toasty brownies, crumbly toffee and broken snowflakes; that's ok


Heather Pelczar said...

They still looked pretty to me. i did not (you remember) post pictures of my baseball mitts anywhere. Or the over swollen hobbit feet that were supposed to look like tiny baby feet. lol If those were my brownies I most likely would have cried. I will send you a cyber hug instead. I love you Naomi Smith.

lizandbunyan said...

Oh Absolutely!
But man I know how you feel...

Someone told me one time that there is too much pressure on us to deliver a Martha Stewart meal when all people really need is the blessing of something simple, (maybe a little crumbly or burned) but homemade and real!

Love you!