Wednesday, December 23, 2009

morning errands

Brett was over last night for pizza and a movie; while he was here, we finished wrapping up the (imperfect) Christmas packs and sent a couple home with him to pass out to his local coffee shop and fish shop.
We spent this morning out in our neighborhood going to our hangouts:
to the paper shop (where we were sent on our way with three chocolate kings),
to the pharmacy (where the pharmacist pulled out three suckers for the kids to put in their pockets to save for later),
to the coffee shop across the park - - one of Joshua's study points,
and to the government building to the ladies that always process our paperwork,
and then finally to our own coffee shop, where we got kisses and more kisses from Adrianna
Selma always gets kisses from Adrianna; but she's the only one;
all it took was a packet of homemade sugar love.


mrsdestroyer said...

We had fun giving our neighbors plates of cookies this year, but I don't think ours looked as nice as yours. We just used paper plates in Ziploc bags! (but they got six types of cookies). We are working on developing relationships with them; all the older folks invited Rachel in and want her to come visit them. Two of them even gave us tamales which was a yummy surprise :)

Jacquelyn said...

Those little "brown paper packages tied up with string" look so cute! Did you make the little tags too? I am always inspired by you guys to do more and reach out to those around me. Merry Christmas. May God bless your family mightily in a year full of question marks.

Heather Pelczar said...

:D We had similar reactions. We are late finishing. We still have to visit the pizza place and the florist, but it makes it such fun when you are greeted with such surprise. I am so glad to have been inspired by you to do it, and so happy to see how May enjoys making them smile and giving them hugs.
I agree with Jacquelyn. :)

Gabrielle said...

I love you Naomi and I miss you

Naomi Smith said...

Steph - - tamales?! awesome!

Jaquelyn - - you are always so encouraging. seriously Joshua took care of the cards this year . . .I think he tweaked some clipart that we had received in an email from a spanish brother.

Heather - - I love that you are throwing yourself in loving your neighborhood so quickly!

Gab - - me too.