Saturday, December 05, 2009


dear Castaic bible study group,
we got your package; thank you!
because it wasn't just a package . . .
it was a package of care . . .
it was:
  • the joy and of introducing our children to Lucky Charms (and being able to tell them "you won't find these on the shelf of a Spanish grocery store; no sirreee!)
  • a whole season of Lost (disguised as itune cards)
  • freedom from the tight marshmallow rationing we've been imposing for the past six months
  • the exciting mystery of two wrapped red boxes that will miraculously reappear on Christmas day
  • a chance to talk to our boys about how our church - - far, far away took the time and spent the money to send us fun treats just because they love us
oh! and then the package with the coat came
(I glued it to her body - - the coat that is, not the package)
I think she likes it too.

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Anonymous said...

cute little french girl.........