Friday, August 07, 2009

a day full of blessings

Thank you, Malachai for making you and Josu a snack while I was taking a nap this afternoon (raisins on butter was not a bad choice!)
Thank you Josu, for getting down from the dinner table three times to kiss me (you give the sweetest 3 year old kisses, my sweet boy!)
Thank you, Selma for waving and blowing kisses to everyone we passed at the grocery store (it made my shopping trip a lot more enjoyable!)
Thank you, Joshua for dancing thriller through the kitchen window for me today (you are!)


david.bliss said...

Team leader, working on his doctorate, and a good dancer. Is there anything Joshua can't do? :-)

Naomi Smith said...

nope. crazy, huh? (I'm lucky he's mine)