Friday, August 28, 2009

faux journal, day two

dear faux journal
Krakow in Spanish is Krakovia; I think that's much nicer than Krakow, don't you? Joshua used his mad, mad internet skills to find a three bedroom apartment in the heart Krakovia where we will stay for two nights before we head to the conference; there was the sweetest little market that set up every day in a little plaza just down the street from our Polish summer home (the way I like to think of it). they had blueberries! BLUEBERRIES! Eating blueberries wasn't the only exciting thing we did in the city today; we also:
  • managed to find and buy cooking oil using only hand motions and sound effects to communicate.
  • took a ride in a huge hot air balloon
  • took a boat tour down the river that runs through the city, and mooch food and drink off of some unsuspecting locals (Selma)
  • saw about five men that looked my Papi
  • bought an umbrella and survived a downpour
I need to go and spend a couple of hours ironing all of our wet clothes so that they dry before our 3 hour bus ride to the conference tomorrow.


carol said...

Dziekuje (dsyehn-koo-yeh)- or thank you for sharing all of these fun things.

Naomi Smith said...

hey, you are welcome!
(and I wish I could have had you along all week . . . I had the darndest time all week just trying to remember how to say thank you!)