Saturday, July 25, 2009

(mullet - - bottom right corner)

Pamplona rocks the mullets.
it's true.
we giggled a lot about it when we first got here, but, quite honestly, over the years we stopped noticing. In fact, I -- the Smith family hairdresser -- have plenty to do around the house and am quite willing to overlook my boy's hair as it starts growing over their collars. ("when in spain . . . . " if you know what I'm saying . . . )

So when my brother Noah came to visit this summer, his fresh eyes reminded us of the startling quantity, quality, and variety of mullets in Pamplona; and we all had a good chuckle at the expense of Pamplona's hair tendencies.

Malachai approached me today - - concerned that he had a mullet (indeed he did)
I snipped that bad boy off in a heartbeat
Thanks, Noah, for keeping us in the know about appropriate fashion across the great blue sea.
p.s. what about temporary tattoos? are those cool or not, because Malachai got one, and he said that he thought that you would say "I liiiiike that"


Gabrielle said...

I think the tattoo definitely rocks...I love the pile of red hair on the floor..not an everyday sight around here!

carol said...

Our family definitely rocks the temporary tattoos. They are the RAGE for kids 6 and under. We even let E have henna once.

Anonymous said...

I had a tempo tat when I was a wee lad. Yep I was a rebel.

Dave Bliss

Amber said...

Keep rockin' those tats man... they are totally hip here... Wyatt often sports a temporary tattoo these days! And I love the pictures... you make me want to go take more artistic photos Naomi!