Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, the day after Joshua gets home

I was up early this morning.
I was pulled out of bed by a yelling Selma. I had hoped to get to her before she woke anyone else up.
Alas, Malachai followed immediately after, desperate for some breakfast
(I knew I should have set her crib up in the kitchen last night!)
eventually Josu appeared, asking for some group snuggling on the couch.
So we've had a bit of a lazy morning . . .
Selma has been happy to follow us from room to room, stacking blocks where she can find them,
Malachai and Josu have been busy about swordplay, taking breaks between the epic battles to sheath their swords down their pants (sounds dangerous, huh? don't worry, all was carefully monitored and reasonably safe)

I have mostly been in the kitchen, cleaning up from last night's dinner; and even though Joshua isn't awake yet, my heart is calm and my heart is glad. he's here.
he'll be up with us soon

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Gabrielle said...

OKAY. You've had company. You've been busy. Busy busy, I know. But COME ON!!!!!! I'm about to take your blog off my "most frequently checked blogs list!" (Okay, so that's drastic, and I won't do it...but you really need to update this's pretty pathetic that I have had more blogs than you...) Looking forward to the next one!!!!!