Tuesday, June 02, 2009

loving our neighbor: a family affair

Joshua is off gallivanting (gallivanting of the scholarly kind) in Philadelphia for a couple of weeks.
he skyped me last night; it had been a long day for me.
"Tuesday movie rentals are half off" he reminded me . . . "put a movie on for the boys tomorrow" he urged. (good man)
on our way to the video store, Malachai had asked if we could invite the neighbor boys over to watch the movie with us.
I said yes.
do you know why I said yes?
I thought that their parents would say no.
sad but true. (the bit about me, I mean)
we've tried before, and it hasn't worked.
letting your kids hang out at someone else's place seems to be a huge, relational trust step around here. (um . . . understandably so, but it's been seven years now!)
well, the neighbors said yes this time.
so we popped some popcorn and made a party of it all.
I'm thankful for Malachai's persistent initiative.


Gabrielle said...

that's good. I've been there with my attitude saying "yes" because I knew it wouldn't work out... hmm. It's good to have little children to spur us on to "love and good deeds."

The Chau Family said...

thanks for your honesty naomi, i always appreciate that about you. glad the lord is using you in the lives of your neighbors, in spite of yourself :). i've often done the same, it's good we serve a gracious God.

godnov said...

We love your blog, Naomi! Thanks for all the great photography and thoughtful posts!

So glad you all enjoyed your time together! What a precious blessing to be part of a family that shares a passion for Jesus!! God is good!