Sunday, May 31, 2009

it's been a week now since we said goodbye to Luke (my brother) and Gabrielle (my sister-in-law - - who is more sister than sister-in-law, but really, it wouldn't do to say that my brother was married to my sister, now would it?). it's been a week now, and we miss them.

The last day that we had together we took a walk beside the river that runs behind our building. There was sun, and there was shade; there were wheat fields to roam through, and cherry trees to climb; and there were flowers. oh yes, there were flowers;
and we picked flowers.
and that evening when we got home, I made dinner and Gabrielle pitted the cherries while Luke arranged the flowers into a vase.
The flowers traveled from the porch table to our coffee table later on that night as we stayed up late drinking coffee, eating Gab's amazing -we-picked-these-cherries-ourselves! cherry crisp, and probing Luke and Gabrielle to give their general impressions of our life and ministry here in Pamplona.

(why did it have to end?)

well, throughout the course of the week the flowers have made their rounds - - onto the dining room table, then on the bookshelf, and then into the kitchen - - ever evolving as the wilting buds were pulled out and the remaining flowers reshuffled.
Today I tossed the last of the bouquet; aaaaahh . . . little bouquet, you've been good to me. thanks for lingering reminder of sweet times with our family.

(why did it have to end?)

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Gabrielle said...

Yes, why did it have to end? Man, I wish you were here to share my produce coop with; and to urge me on to take walks in the hot Texas sun...and to swim...and mostly to talk. Those times were so good.