Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We packed up Malachai's birthday cake on a bit of a whim this afternoon and took it along with us to the park. we ran into a couple of friends along the way and invited them to join in on the birthday fun (who can say no to chocolate cake?) we found a nice shaded spot and settled down for some cake and football.
good party.
Happy Birthday my sweet Malachai; thank you for telling me that even though you are now six, you can still sit on my lap; I love you!


darcie said...

sweet boy-now you are six! I can see Amaleah and Julia in the party picture-how fun! lovingly, gran and papi

Heather Pelczar said...

What wonderful, Godly parents you are to always exemplify for your children the importance of seeking relationships with purpose. What a gracious boy, agreeing to sit on your lap even though he is six now. :) Happy birthday Malachi!! hugs!

Gabrielle said...

okay, so my questions is this: when in the world are you getting a chance to post a blog while we are here? I can barely find time to check my email!!!! Maybe tonight...we'll see. And by the way, that was a funnnnn party.

The Chau Family said...

Happy Birthday Malachi! I can't believe you're already six - seemed just the other day you came for a visit and you were only three. looks like you had a lovely day at the park.