Wednesday, April 29, 2009

letters to a sister

Dear Rachel,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching our three sweets!
I really do believe that they are sweet, but I know that my sweets also come with the crazies; and I do believe that your agreeing to watch them for six days (six beautiful days!) has got to be one of the greatest expressions of loving sacrifice that I could ever, ever receive from you!
and, here we are in Greece! I can't help wondering how you are doing. We think of you often . . .
"our ten year anniversary" we tell people
"and your children?" they ask
"safe with my sister" I assure them
"ooooooh, you are lucky! very, very lucky" they tell me
"I know, I know!" I repeat
and over
and over again

So we stepped into this dingy little jewelry store in Athens ("original Greek art!" the woman at the door assured me) and I spent a pleasant hour sifting through the dusty, tarnished jewelry that the woman's father had spent his lifetime making. Meanwhile Joshua chatted it up with the woman's 85 year old mother . .
"1o years? Bravo! Bravo"
out came the picture of the kids
"three? Bravo! Bravo!"
"and the children? with your sister?"
"ooooooh! Bravo! Bravo! . . . very, very lucky!"
Well, I can't wait to show you the gift I chose for you! it's not enough, of course, but I hope you will be pleased, and mostly, I hope that every time you wear it, you think of us, thinking of you, with our hearts
full to the brim
thank you sister!
we love you,
p.s. thanks for the tights. I've pretty much worn them every. single. day.


darcie said...

nice tights. . and nice post. hmmm, missing you all but happy you're serving each other-and bringing glory to the Master.
lovingly. . .

Traci said...

Yeah yeah! Congratulations!

Gabrielle said...

Must be nice to hop on over to Greece for a getaway...I'm so glad y'all are doing it, because now I won't feel so bad being there during your actual anniversary!

Jim said...

Great picture. mmmmm an anniversary without the kids what a novel concept.

Uncle Jim

Heather Pelczar said...

Beautiful. post, heartfelt sentiments. the tights, the shoes. Beuatiful. Oh- and Greece of course.

Caroline said...

That is true love indeed to watch 3 young kids for 6 days no matter how sweet they are! The innocent messes they make on an average day( like when they dunk their clothes in the toilet, after going potty, and run them all over the house so you have to mop the floors and give every one a bath)can have you busy for hours. What a gift!

GreenEggsandSam said...

awesome post...awesome sisters.... I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

ok, in all seriousness, if someone "big" doesn't hire you to take pictures for a magazine or something it would be a great loss to us all. You have the eye. I'm not a photographer but if I were I would know that you got it!

the introverted version of yourself in Idaho,

brenda metro said...

What a beautiful place! You are very blessed to have a wonderful sitter and be celebrating a wonderful marriage! Congratulations!

D. Coppin said...

Yours is one of the best thank you notes I've ever read! May I use it in my literature class? I would also like to use your writing about what you wished you had said to the teacher. What do you think?