Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wine country

Malachai was waiting for me out in the hallway to take him back to his post-siesta classes this afternoon when I overheard this chitchat going on with our next door neighbor, Ana:
Malachai: "I'm taking some grapes to share with my class"
Ana: "oh! of course! it's the vendimia!"
me: "wha? . . .
Malachai: "yeah, the vendimia - - the first day of the grape harvesting; did you know, Ana, that the grape harvest this year wasn't as abundant as it was last year?"
Ana: "yes, but the quality of the grapes is better"
Malachai: "it's because we didn't get as much rain as we did in 2007 . . . "
aaaahhhhh. the vendimia. that explains his passionate plea for me to buy his class some grapes when we passed by the market earlier today.
explains it perfectly!

So when I picked him up from class, I asked him if his classmates enjoyed the grapes. "no! we didn't eat them!" he told me
"oh no?" I asked "what did you do with them?"
"we're saving them for later so that we can stomp on them with our bare feet to make wine!"


GreenEggsandSam said...

Hilarious! especially the adult-like quality that transpired in their hallway conversation.
awesome! I'm so glad you blog about this stuff!

Dawn said...

Gotta love kids.

I once stomped barefoot on a whole crate of grapes with a friend -in the vineyard- when we were supposed to be picking the grapes.
Teenage stupidity.
Did I mention messy?
Very messy.
Purple feet messy.

Anonymous said...

We can both envision Malachai chatting with Ana and how he said it!

We laughed! I don't think you need to worry about making too much wine.



Heather Pelczar said...

Well let's hope he has a better stomping experience than this poor woman.
What an awesome conversation. I am so excited to catch thing slike that when May gets older.