Tuesday, October 07, 2008

perfectly designed gifts

Look at him! isn't he cute? God carefully crafted and designed him; and then gave him to us for us to raise him!

and our Josu!
and this wee lassie!
God is good.


Gabby said...

Those are such precious gifts. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes it's easy to forget the truth.

Naomi Smith said...

seriously - - I have been thinking about this all week long. I guess I have always genuinely thought of our children as a being gifts to us - - but in extremely general terms, and for the first time ever, It dawned on me that God "gifts" our children to us after having purposefully created them - - and that our children, with their specific gifts, personalities, and struggles are meant for US! kind of obvious, I guess. thinking about it in those specific terms, though, excites me.

Rakel, O said...

ye ye, way to go. :-)