Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Josu loves going to school. always. he loves it.
As we walked out the door this morning, he grabbed my hand and said "Josu need Mama".
Now, as much was we work hard to distinguish between needs and wants around here, when Josu says that he "needs Mama",
my heart
So Malachai took over the stroller pushing, and I picked up my weepy boy and told him that he would, indeed, go to school ("with Malachai!"), but that when I picked him up for lunch, I would snuggle with him and read him a book
or two
And Josu said "Malachai go school. Josu go casa and Mama read Bible!"
and I just fell to pieces;
but I took him to school. and he went - - crying.
and my heart was


Debbie said...

Oh, you made me cry. Can you home school in Spain? (sniff)

Todd and Noelle said...

and i am crying, now, too!

Gabrielle said...

oh, that was so sad! He's soooo cute! I miss him! and you, of course.

naomi said...

thanks, friends, for being sad with me :-)
it would be much, much harder if it were like that every day; thankfully it's not!

Caroline said...

I missed this post somehow...But I can relate. Emerson has been walking around saying "I need you mama!" So last night I took him to my homeschool meeting with me. Just him and me. He loved it! I guess being the middle child he hasn't had much alone time.