Thursday, August 09, 2007

living legally (and oh so cutely!)

We went this week to the police station to, like good law abiding missionaries, renew our boy's residency cards. look how cute these kiddos are! I pulled out the pictures we had taken for last year's cards and had fun comparing them to this year's ID photos.


Josh & Priscilla said...

They are looking so grown up! Especially Josu. The changes at that age are always so dramatic when you look back at "baby" pictures. I would like to send you some pictures of us (Thaddeus turned three on Monday!) and our house, which hopefully will get a roof this weekend:). However, I am still technically challenged at this digital camera and computer stuff, so I'll have to get Josh to help me first:). Priscilla

Desiree said...

They are adorable Naomi! Love the hair!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Joshua and Naomi,

Josu' has changed the most! I really miss taking them to the park and pastry shop. It was wonderful being able to pick Malachai up from school and chat with him about his day.

Please give them a big hug for me.



Heather said...

Adorable. Isn't it amazing to watch the changes in the first few years? They happen so fast.

Josh & Priscilla said...

Guess what?? It IS the year for girls! we are expecting our first girl this January. The four boys are pretty excited, although a certain four year old had to be convinced that a girl was a good thing.:) So we'll have to keep tabs on how adding a girl to an established "boy world" goes.