Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1. my camera got stolen

2. I cried and told everyone about it (it helped me to feel better)

3. these guys heard about it. they (and some more friends and church family) found a way to buy and send me a new one

4. I cried and told everyone about it (when I told the lady at my local camera store she asked me - - "what church are you a part of? I want to be part of that church!")

I love the church. I knew already that they loved me; if this had never happened, I would have known they loved me by the million other ways they have shown it already. this has just been one more, particularly delightful, touching demonstration of this love. I feel it so much I hardly feel like I need to say it (but - - hang it all, I will anyways!) - - thank you !


lizandbunyan said...

Oh Naomi,
Only the Lord would turn such a terrible thing into something SO good. And I don't mean getting a new camera-if its just for the lady at the camera store to come to know the truth then its been worth it.
I miss you. I know that statement is random but I do.

Naomi said...

lory, I agree - - and I miss you too!
I keep clicking on your link, hoping to find a Lory blog,but only your sad, empty profile comes up! I have enjoyed your picasa web album, though; thanks for sending that our way!

Anonymous said...


What a blessing to have such wondereful friends that were able to bless you.

I am looking forward to new pictures on your blog. I check your blog out almost every day.

We miss you!



darcie said...

Indeed, Naomi,I agree with Ginny, we are looking forward to new pictures of the family and of Pamplona life in general. We have such a good God who blesses us, his unworthy children, with great abundance-thanks for sharing the story of the new camera.Yesterday when I helped Mercy move into the dorm at college, I was thinking how we should have documented the event with photos; you would have been proud of us--we did it all with just two trips up to the second floor dorm room.

love, Mom

Heather said...

YES!!!!! I am so glad to see you communicating with all of your loved ones in one of your favorite ways! Love everything about how it worked out for you. Every bit. And the lady at the camera store is the best "icing on the cake" EVER! Wish I could squeeze you in a huge hug. Love you!