Monday, April 30, 2007

that's my boy!

Rachel asked Malachai one recent Sunday afternoon what he had learned in Sunday school.
"in soccer you can only use your feet - - not your hands!" he told her.

(that's right! top-o'-the class!)

apparently I need to make my lesson plans a little more interesting to compete with the after-service soccer games that go on in the Sunday school room with the "big boys"

Rachel complains that she has been telling Malachai that bit of soccer wisdom for months now, and that he credits it to someone else!


mrsdestroyer said...

Well, Malachai can learn much from Aunt Rachel about soccer. Has she had to dust off the whistle and start reffing those games yet?

Heather said...

HAHAha!! That is so priceless. Maybe the soccer should come before the sunday school...don;t children remember most what they hear last? hmmm.... Can't wait for fun stories like this one.