Monday, April 09, 2007

playing in the backyard

he stands at windows - - any window - - and yells this at people on the other side


Anonymous said...

so cute!!

Naomi said...

wish you were here to see him yourself! we miss you

Desiree said...

Hey Naomi! I want to talk to my husband about supporting you guys. My email is Please email me and let me know where to send the support. I will let you know what we decide. Wish I was there with you. I miss my Spain. Hopefully soon!

Anonymous said...

Hola, Josu!

Aunt Steph

Anonymous said...

Josu looks adorable - his personality is sparkling. I don't think Malachai knows a stranger either. What a daring duo they make!!

I am so excited about visiting in May!

We miss you!



Heather said...

HAHAHA!! Those are the best things ever about kids. I can;t wait to have those memories!! I hope I can remember to take pictures the way that you do. (Of course, Iwould have to have a quick eye for great shots the way that you seem to as well- we can always hope that that sort of things comes with new motherhood...)