Wednesday, August 09, 2006

we spent yesterday at a nearby castle with our friends Jesus and Marian. it was a wonderfully typical Spanish outing - - we left here at about 10am, drove an hour to the castle of Javier (Navarra's patron saint), spent an hour or two exploring the castle, and then ate our bocadillos (sandwiches - - but on baguettes) . . . and then just sat and talked, and then laid down on the grass and talked, and took a cat nap, and then ate and talked some more, and them we walked around a bit and found a place for our afternoon coffee . . . and talked. I think we made it back home at about 8pm - - well pleased with our day.

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Anonymous said...

It alnost sounds like the adventures of Winnie the Pooh. What a blessing it is to take time to share the blessing that our God has given us through through the Living Word Jesucristo.
Here in SATX I was blessed to speak with the Ladies and men at the homeless shelter. They were attentive listening to me speak in English and then Spanish. It doesn't matter how many languages you know, are we proclaiming Chirst in word and deed? May we all be faithful to this calling.