Sunday, June 11, 2006


A week ago Sunday we celebrated baptisms with the church of Pamplona.. this was huge; this was exciting! Marian and Jesus were two of the six to get baptized. our home group had been meeting in their home for a year before we left for the States; So it was good to see them, having both made a clear profession of faith over the past few months, take this next step of obedience. Marian is such a dear, dear friend; she is so warm and sincere and transparent and fun; it was touching and wonderful to see her be baptized.

The church makes the baptism service a big pick-nic, potluck event; with this in mind, I went out and finally purchased an insulated tupperware type food container (all the Spanish ladies have them) so that I could keep meal warm until lunch (you can only do pasta salad so many times . . . ) I felt
very Spanish, to whip out my insulated tupperware and line it up along with the rest of them on the pick-nick table!

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