Saturday, September 19, 2009

a little bit sad about something happy

My sister in law, Gabrielle, is due to give birth to her baby boy soon; my boys and I have been talking about this pretty much every day this past week:
I'll grab Malachai as he's walking by me and we'll snuggle for a minute and pray for the mama and baby
"our first baby boy cousin ever! I remind them over and over again
"you know, having a little boy cousin means that you, the bigger boy cousins need to teach him good stuff; what are you going to teach him?" (Josu says he's going to teach him how to wrestle)
"good morning guys! . . . do you think your baby cousin was born last night?"
this will be Gabrielle's third delivery. When Amaleah, Luke and Gabrielle's first girl, was born I wished I could be with her, and with Julia's delivery too . . . but I knew I couldn't, because I was where I needed to be, and they were where they needed to be, and that (divinely) happened to be across the the ocean; and that was that.
I don't know what it is about this third baby . . .but lately I have this lingering, deeper ache in knowing that I can't be there - - waiting for the girls to be dropped off in the frenzied trip the hospital, or coming into the hospital room and seeing baby cousin for the very first time, or dropping by Taco Cabana on the way to the hospital to bring Gabrielle the food I know she's really craving after so many hours of hard labor.

well, the previously stated facts are still there; and that is that,
we are looking forward to the phone call,
and the outrageous number of pictures that with be posted online,
and to seeing our baby boy cousin en vivo for the first time next summer

will someone please promise me that they will take a special food order for Gabrielle (according to actual craving) when she is in the hospital and take it to her in my name? I would really, really like that!

these pictures were taken in May of this year, when Luke and cute pregnant Gabrielle and family came out to visit us. it was awesome.


mrsdestroyer said...

I would love to say "Yes, yes, I will, I will", but I better not promise since I can't drive yet :(
I will try to remember though and see what happens.
BTW, I keep forgetting to take a pic of Esther Rose in that oh so cute sundress you and Rachel sent. Every time she wears it someone compliments it and I love saying Aunt Rachel and Aunt Naomi sent it back from Europe for her. The color looks lovely with her dark hair. Love and miss you guys.
Next summer you say? Let's schedule a playdate and a seperate Mommy coffee date. Put it on your calendar cuz it's on mine!

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the oh so sweet post...maybe I'm missing you sooo much too and that's why I'm a little melancholy today...I wish you could be here! Oh the joys. But this is where God has us, right? So, no baby yet, but I'm oh sooooo ready! My neighbor just had her baby yesterday, so now it's officially my turn, and I want it to happen now! Oh for some patience in waiting. I think of you everytime I do a squat, which I try to do everytime I get a contraction! Missing you! And looking forward to whoever is going to pick me up some yummy food....:)

lizandbunyan said...

sniff sniff....This made me a little teary to read. I think it just makes me realize how much I miss you and seeing your sweet babies or maybe its because Gab is having a boy and she'll now know how much joy (and tears) those little men bring us moms. (I know the girls bring their mothers joy too but I can't speak to that ...yet :))
I will promise to bring her a meal in your name if no one else beats me to it AND if I receive a phone call...(Gab, you better call me!)

Naomi Smith said...

Steph, ah, yes, you understand my "wanting but not able" :) I'm glad you liked the dress; and any picture we can see of Esther Rose is a treat! aaaaaand, YES to the dates!

Gab, hey, Spain has pretty good medical care; you maaaaay still have time to hop on a plane and deliver that baby here (it's about time for European family vacation #2, don't you think?)

THANK YOU, Lory! I miss you too. . . and yay for boys!