Sunday, September 06, 2009

in Madrid for a day

on our way home from Poland, we stayed a night in Madrid so that Joshua could do an important manly missionary job (a meeting with another church planter). Remember what I said earlier about Joshua's mad, mad internet skills? he did it again, he not only kept us within budget, he also put us right across the street from the Reina Sofia - - one of Madrid's nicest museums . . .

I really had the nicest sort of day . . . Joshua left me snoozing in the posh hotel bed, took the crying baby out, and brought me back the largest cappuccino known to mankind (ok, not really, it was just a Starbucks venti, but that seems really, really huge to me when I'm used to a Spanish sized coffee) and a box of doughnuts. I love doughnuts. especially in Spain where they aren't so readily available.
and then we all bathed and lounged around in huge hotel towels (except for Josu, who lounged around in nothin)
once we were all clean and dressed all cultured-like, we headed out to the tourist trap Starbucks in the museum plaza (for the meeting, of course), where the kind Starbucks employees entertained my children with balloons and straws and Joshua and I had interesting, stimulating conversation about the church in Madrid and in Spain. when that was done we headed across the plaza to the Reina Sofia and hung out there until we had to catch our 7pm train to Pamplona.
see? we're so cultured.
so, the point of all that was really to tell you that the best part of my day happened on the train ride home; but now I need to stop writing because the church comes over in an hour for our study and dinner (the Lord's table) and I need to (want to) get ready for them.

I'll try to get to the fantastic train part tomorrow.


Amber said...

it's true... you guys are so cultured! LOVE the last picture... supa classy! ;)

darcie said...

so, I like the idea of the Starbucks, donuts, hotel towels, stroll throught he museum-I can imagine it all from your description-and that's nice; but I can't wait to hear the scenario on the train ride home. . .

Gabrielle said...

Hey, I love the collage look of do you do it? When I try it, it works in the preview, but once I publish it it's not like that anymore?

emily said...

I love that you can nonchalantly say, "we were in Madrid for the day"-as if it is some totally normal thing to do:)
We're going to San Diego! See? Now that just doesn't sound the same :)
I'm so glad you were able to get away- if even for the day.

Naomi Smith said...

Amber - - classy, I know; I totally married UP

Mom, I miss you!

Gab - - I know, I have the same issue with blogger; I don't like how finneky the photo placing is. I did these on photoshop - - a way too expensive photo processing program.

Emily - - oooooh! San Diego!!! the Spaniards would love that!