Friday, February 13, 2009

an update on my morning

I hear this from the kitchen:
Selma: MA, MA, MA, MA, MA! (her excited, emphatic request for more food)
Rachel: Selma, you can't eat the butter off the bread and then ask for more; it doesn't work like that!
it's good to have a sister around to teach my kids the rules of food; I have a feeling my kids would be seriously messed up without their aunt Rachel around.

and I'm off to the kitchen myself now, to make the largest pot of potato corn chowder known to mankind, so that the next time I take a little nap and end up sleeping through lunch, Joshua doesn't have to feed the family peanut butter and yogurt sandwiches (not that there is anything wrong with pb&y sandwiches, mind you). good man.
and maybe I'll have some buttered bread while I'm at it.
and perhaps I'll put a double batch of butter on my bread now that I know I'm not supposed to eat the butter off and then put more on.


mrsdestroyer said...

We too are thankful that Rachel is there with you right now. Let us know how the appt goes. We love you

carol said...

still crazy napping huh?