Saturday, February 21, 2009

celebrating cultures (and respective mustaches) from around the world

Josu and Malachai (plus classmates, plus teachers, etc . . . ) helped to celebrate cultures around the world in this year's school Carnival festival - - Josu celebrated as a Mexican and Malachai as a China man. In order to get some pictures, I had to push my way through crowds of territorial, excited parents all of whom must have received some sort of recording device from the three kings this holiday season , because they were all taping all the processions - - whether their child was performing or not.
with a few strategically placed warm glances and and gentle requests, however,I was able to situate myself close enough to complete my parental picture taking responsibilities. enjoy:

there he is - - that infamous local legend - - Miel Otxin, in flames. After all the dancing, each class sent its representative to place the totems (the bad things - - attitudes or conduct that the students wrote down on pieces of paper) at his feet, to burn with him.

(yes, that produced some healthy conversation over our lunch table)

and today, the day after the festivities, I am very pleased that both Malachai and Josu have some left-over staches. Josu's is short and sweet and Malachai's is elegantly droopy.
I keep telling Josu to give me some leeto Mexican kisses; and he readily obliges.
Malachai has taken over the guitar. I had to stop a crazy rampage through the house earlier - - in which the sweet Mexican instrument was being swung over Malachai's head as he pretended he was an orc. don't ask me how he knows about orcs; he just does, ok? If you really must know inquire with Joshua.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, my boys know about orcs too. You can ask MY Josh:). They used to tell Thaddeus that he was the orc as they played...back when he had little blonde ringlets surrounding his little head. not quite the right picture... Priscilla