Monday, April 21, 2008

on raising boys in Spain

So. the June Cleaver of Spain doesn't have chocolate chip cookies and a glass of ice cold milk waiting for her boy when he comes home from school;
It has come to my attention recently that the Spanish mom that's really on top of it greets her boy at the end of his school day with a fat bocadillo de chorizo (that's right - - a piece of nice crusty baguette with a few slices of our favorite cured pork sausage tucked insde).
I'm slowly figuring these things out; it's hard work learning how to be a perfect mama in two cultures.


Catherine said...

heck, I'd settle for being a half decent mama in one country! you're doing a wizz bang cracker of a job Naomi, and we love you!

mrsdestroyer said...

We definitely want to see you and those cute little ones this summer. Maybe we can arrange a play date at the park with my sister and her family as well. :)

Naomi Smith said...

seriously, Catherine, your kind words lift my spirits! we love you too!

Steph - - yes! let's plan a play date. I can't wait to see you girls (and meet your girls!)