Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the cheeky cheese guy

we trekked down to Pamplona's farmer's market on Sunday morning.
I asked the cheese guy if I could try some cheese. "oh yes" he told me "you can try it - - and you are going to love it!"
we did try it, and we did love it; and we came home with a pound of artisan castilian sheep cheese.


Sam Neylan said...

how cute are they?!?!?!?
adorable and adorable!

Catherine said...

oh my word, I love Josu's little cap!! and isn't sheep cheese the best? I love it!

Anonymous said...

so I was thinking that I would bring something fun for the boys (you know, guns or some sort of weapons for them to play with) but then I thought "I've got to be a good influence on these boys." so I was wondering if you had any suggestions or if I should just surprise you and the boys?


Naomi Smith said...

Josiah, some playmobile would probably drive your "cool uncle" ratings way high!