Wednesday, November 14, 2007

yeah . . . it's been a good couple of weeks

postpartum hostessing:
invite like crazy
(anyone we could think of - - neighbors, Malachai's classmates, the church, individuals from the class Joshua is taking on inter-cultural mediation, contacts from the coffee shop and park . . .)
clean the house ("is that the doorbell? quick! close the kitchen door! throw the diapers in the trash, light a candle and stuff the laundry basket under the couch!")
feed the guests ( we've fed them a pumpkin pie, the carrot cake, the sour cream bundt cake, one of the chocolate cakes that were made and frozen while we waited, and finished up the five boxes of chocolates that were brought to me at the hospital)
entertain the guests (pass the baby around; assure everyone that no, we are not worried that she will become spoiled from being held too much.)
yeah . . . it's been a good couple of weeks


GreenEggsandSam said...

you're so awesome!!!!!

Catherine said...

ha! you sound like the mother of three... a happy mother!
so, knowing you'd be busy I haven't called you, and Ryan thinks I've been a jerk. So I'm going to call you... like right now...

Chris and Heather Pelczar said...

HAHA! That is what wee sound like NOW...does that mean I am lazy? What will three be like? gee whiz, you're a battery pack, Naomi. I can't wait to see in person how you keep up...only one more year... :>

Anonymous said...


You have been very busy! I know you have the gift of hospitality. Just make sure you take time to REST!



Whitney said...

Naomi that looks so delicious. How we miss your baking. You are amazing.

Naomi Smith said...

warm and fuzzy; I miss you all.