Friday, October 19, 2007

on raising boys in Spain

When we came back from spending a leisurely morning in downtown Pamplona to pick Malachai up from school we were rerouted by school personnel to the local emergency room. We did find him there; he had just finished up his pineapple juice - - bought for him by his teacher after he had tried convincing her that he needed a cafe con leche.
It turns out he had been playing toritos - - one of his favorite recess games in which one child, with fingers up as horns chases after a group of running, taunting boys; and he fell. five stitches baby.

. . . and we made sure that the school got our cell phone number.


Megan C. said...

Awe, poor kiddo! Hope he feels better. Everyone needs a few stitches in their life right? Any sign of the baby yet? Isn't she past her duedate? I keep checking. :)

GreenEggsandSam said...

poor guy.
hope he has fantastic scars...scars are cool, especially when they're from Spain!

Give him my best (and a cafe con leche!)

Catherine said...

oh... my... word...

did they at least TRY to call you at home??? that explains why you didn't answer the phone around that time yesterday afternoon...

what did he fall on? were you able to find out?

i have a scar just like that... only i fell in the bathtub - not quite so glamourous.

give him some hugs from us!

Peter Garon said...

Later in life he could claim to have gotten it by running with the bulls. No?

Seriously, I think most boys get a booboo like this. Jake got his when he was just a little older than Malachai. He was playing "catch the stick" with some other boys and the last time he caught it was with his forehead. Cool scar though.

Your son is a darling.

Josh & Priscilla said...

that is quite the shiner! So far we've only had one boy with stitches...under his chin, from a slip on Grandma's stairs:)
You guys must have been quite surprised to find him not at school! crazy.

Carlee Russell said...

Naomi, I found you! Do you remember me? It was Carlee Savo at Master's. I love your cute little boys! Wow, we need to catch up! email me if you can. You can check us out at

Chris and Heather Pelczar said...

Wow...for a second I thought it was face paint...then I read the post. I have a scar under my chin from falling down on the edge of a sidewalk...maybe we can swap scar stories when we get to have a chat. I'll bring some more pineapple juice.
Glad nothing got broken. One more year...then we're neighbors...sort of.