Monday, June 11, 2007

My friend Berta has a girl Malachai's age, and is pregnant with a baby boy; the thrifty, resourceful women that we are, we did a clothing exchange this week. Oh my! how I enjoyed pulling item after item out of these second hand bags! Look at these blue maryjanes; aren't they fantastic? I was reminded of the vast differences in baby clothing culture between the US and Spain! (is anyone interested in a pair of white patent leather, lace trimmed booties tied with tremendous satin bows? they are yours for the taking!) look at this wonderful collection of hand knit sweaters (all with matching booties and bonnets, of course!)

and this lovely newborn dress

and I think that I will hold onto the dress, just in case we get invited to the next royal wedding here in Europe! look here to check out more of the oh-so-Spanish loot, and let me know if you know of anyone who is dying to get their hands on a collection of ribbon-shouldered dresses or handknit layettes !


Anonymous said...


A baby clothes exchange - how much fun! Do you really feel like you are having a girl now?

I have been looking at girl clothing and thinking - would Naomi like that?

Hope you are all feeling well. I'm sure you are happy that Joshua is back in Spain.



Megan C. said...

What beautiful little shoes, sweaters and dresses. :) Have fun dressing up your little girl.

carol said...

Those shoes are FABULOUS!!! They're almost cute enough to make me wish I was having another baby.

darcie said...

Of course I love the shoes (all Newton women love shoes) but my favorite photo is the last one. . .our dear super hero, the world on his shoulders, beside that delicate pink dress. . .