Thursday, May 24, 2007

Josu in the Garden

I feel the need to garden. Suddenly I have fond memories of Mom's vegetable garden on the side of the house, and of the years that we participated in the inner city gardening co-op in San Antonio; my interest is uniquely peaked as of late when I hear about what Luke and Gabrielle are planting in their spring (or summer, or fall!) garden; I find myself flipping through all the gardening pages that I used to flip past in those magazines . . . It's just much harder to garden in Spain! I am giving it a more thorough go this year, though., and am earnestly hoping to have to tote large bags of tomatoes (and, uh . . . well . . .not much else - - herbs I guess) to all my neighbors, begging them to "please take them off my hands . . . "
A girl can always dream, right?
I realized recently how often we eat out on our porch; the late Spanish dinner hour is very conducive to even summer dining outside - - by the time dinner hour rolls around, the day has cooled, and we actually want to be outside! My late porch garden fascination springs from a commitment to make this summer's porch dinners (and breakfasts and coffees) a bit more aesthetic. I planted climbing flowers (and had visions of then miraculously adding a vibrant splash of color and life to my dreary porch wall) a couple of weeks ago, and they have yet to even poke their little heads out of the ground. Ah well, if they never come up I could always drag the potted tomatoes and rosemary over from the sunny "laundry side" of the porch to the shaded "table side" of the porch to give our dinners more vibrant color and life, right?


Heather said...

I have never in my life felt like gardenin gnad even less now that I am pregnant! How do you feel like squatting for over an hour to fool around with a plant?!! You never cease to impress me. How ar eyou feeling? When do we get a picture of your new belly? (I have never seen you with one)

Naomi said...

an hour! are you kidding!? it takes me two minutes a day (uh . . . when I remember!) to dump water into the pots. don't have much of a belly to show; I'll post a picture up soon.

darcie said...

so, when Luke and Gab were here in San Antonio a few weeks ago, Luke said to me, "Mom, your tomato plants have no leaves on the tops; they are bare. . .what's with that?" Well, I have 2 huge, bright green resident tomato worms eating my plants--yuck. So, Naomi, Beware!


Naomi said...

keep those tomato growing tips (and warnings!) coming!