Monday, March 26, 2007

Yesterday was Joshua's birthday (oh! I love that man!). We spent the morning in Tafalla - - a town nearby where some friends are church planting. Joshua had been invited to preach. This (above) was my attempt at bagels to take to share with the church in Tafalla. they turned out not-too-bagelish, but were good smeared with cream cheese regardless.
in the afternoon we invited some friends Jaime and Miriam over for some birthday fondue. Fondue is particularly fun with people who have never experienced the fondue revolution before; they were skeptical at first but were won over in no time at all!
Happy birthday Joshua! I am thrilled and pleased to live life with you; your passion for God and life enriches me, our family, our church and our world!


TheBlueRaja said...

Hey Smitty's. Just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you!

Lotsa lovin'!

TheBlueRaja said...


Wish you were here to celebrate. You'd get the birthday spanking of your life. We collect designer fraternity paddles.

For your birthday present, I was considering giving you a subscription to <>this new journal, which looks fantizzy.

TheBlueRaja said...

Uh . . . that's this new journal.

stephanie said...

You will have to show me how to do fondue the next time you are here because I have TWO fondue sets I have never used!

Anonymous said...

Dear Naomi and Joshua,

The fondue looks delicious and the apples are perfect! Naomi you are such a wonderful wife to Joshua. What happened to Joshua's face (are those "sideburns" or a beard?
Now I understand Malachai's drawing!



Heather said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JOSHUA!!!! I still think about your message at FCC a lot. what a great teacher you are. I am gald that you have such a wonderful wife to be an example to the rest of us. The bagels looked like bagels to me, Naomi. The boys look liek they are having ablast in their family and congratulations on another one!!! (Wish you lived closer- it is so much fun sharing pragnancy with friend- but then Spain would suffer- better stay where you are). Love you!

Naomi said...

what a great complement, Ginny! just what every daughter-in-law hopes to hear! I'm glad I got him . . .

steph, you bet I'll show you how to do fondue! of course, that means we have to have a party after to eat it!

Heather, thanks for the bakers moral boost!

Anonymous said...

on our senior trip we all got dressed up and went out to the melting pot for fondue. i loved the meat course!