Saturday, March 24, 2007

it's official - - Malachai is now required to speak English in the home (unless, of course, there are Spanish guests here too!) . The law came down hard after one too many of the following:

"Mama, I drank-ado (an English verb conjugated with a perfect-tense Spanish ending) all my milk!"

Malachai: "hey! you have a paintbrush in your back bolsillo!
me: "yeah, I do! but how do you you say bolsillo in english?"
Malachai: "uh, I don't know . . ."
me: "yes you do, it's 'pocket', remember?"
Malachai: "oh yeah . . ."

"look! Josu has eyebrows little!" (adjective after the noun - - Spanish fashion)


Kasey said...

i wish i forgot how to say pocket in english....

i am in a spanish book club though. it's fun. we've read three spanish novels so far (the last one took place in barcelona and talked about zaragoza). sometimes i think i may be imagining the whole story that is occuring though since i have such wide gaps in my knowledge of the vocabulary as i read it. still, it's a lot of fun and good practice, and we discuss the book in spanish.

i wanna come to spain.

Naomi said...

come to Spain, Kasey, come to Spain!

keep reading and eventually the words will come to you! (well, at least some of them)

Megan C. said...

How cute. What a blessing to be able to learn 2 languages from birth! Hope you guys are doing well. Congrats on getting pregnant again!

Naomi said...

megan, I hear you are making a big move! how fun!

brenda said...

I can see the trouble...Ty still uses "is" for "am" often. "I is cold Mamma. I need to sit on your lap." Can't argue with that! I love seeing these little guys grow up in picture.Thanks!