Saturday, December 06, 2008

lovely and glow-y

we put up the tree last week. isn't it glow-y lovely?
it's a good thing that we put it up last week, because this week we are all fevered, coughing, sniffling, and generally bad humored . . . which is probably why:
  • I almost cried at lunch when Malachai prayed fervently that God would help him and Josu like the soup and not complain when they had to eat it
  • Josu's songs-per-day ratio has dipped severely
  • Selma is back to nursing four times a day
  • Malachai complains of "fuzzy brain"
  • Joshua hasn't been jumping out from behind the doors to startle whatever unsuspecting family member might be passing that way
aaahhh, but we do enjoy laying on the couch and just gazing at our lovely, glow-y tree. good thing we put it up last week.


Abigail said...

hmmm - Christmas trees are very therapeutic, so glad you put it up last week too. wish we had one as we are all feverish and cold snotty here too. feel better Smiths!

Whitney said...

ooh, pretty tree! Hope you guys feel better soon. We have that same pillow by the way...we miss Ikea!

Rachel said...

I hadn't noticed that thing about Josu and his not-singing until you wrote about it -- awww, I miss it (and definitely the night-time singing more than the early-morning singing!).

Gabrielle said...

I do love the tree. That snotty business is the worst this time of year...why does it always have to happen this time of year?