Monday, March 17, 2008

on raising boys in Spain

I was cleaning out the closets this afternoon (nothing like the prospect of summer house guests to get me going) and overhead Malachai . . .
"papa! sabias que Agata se monto siete veces en el tiovivo?
Joshua: "hey, try saying that again, but in English!"
Malachai "did you know that Agata got to ride siete times . . . uh, how do you say siete in English?
Joshua: "seven"
Malachai "did you know that Agata got to ride seven times on the . . . uh, how do you say tiovivo in English?
Joshua: "merry-go-round"
Malachai: "did you know that Agata got to ride seven times on the merry-go-round?"

ahhhh . . . the few months we have planned in the States this summer will do my boy well.


Kasey said...

i love that.

Anonymous said...

O naomi, you really don't have to clean the closets for me, that is unless you are going to make me sleep in one of them


Naomi Smith said...

Josiah - - remember what Papi used to say? "de rincon a rincon, todo es colchon"
we can't wait to see you guys. do you need our info? I think we finally have our dates settled

carol said...

yes....when is it that you are coming to the States? we can take you to our most exciting tiovivo, but it IS inside of a mall....sigh.....

Naomi Smith said...

Carol! I tried emailing you! ah well, we can just email via blogs, ok?
SO I was wrong about June. we will be in Texas in June, but we will be in CA in July. lets hook up! (it won't be too late, will it?)

Jim said...

Everyone should have one of these in there backyard.

Are you going to visit Grandma Billie and us in July? No pressure.


Uncle Jim

carol said...

Naomi - it might be too late - we are moving AROUND July 15th. Maybe a little before....any idea of dates/times you'll be here?

Debbie said...

Naomi, I love this! Thanks for sharing language tidbits as well as so many other things to do with the culture and with raising children to know and love Jesus.

Will you be in Colorado at all during your time in the States? I know you'll be busy enough, but a girl can ask. :-) I remember a great tivovivo in California...might have been in San memory is getting foggy.

Pop along to my blog to see a little bit of what our summer will entail. We are SO excited!

Hugs from Colorado,

Kasey said...

How 'bout Idaho? Will you be in Idaho during your time in the states?

Naomi Smith said...

uncle Jim - - yes, we are organizing our travel plans now, and fitting "up north" into them . . . we'll be in touch!

Debbie - - we (without our two boys!) will be in Co. let's hook up!

Kasey - - we are trying, trying, trying for Idaho . . . I think we'll make it.

Debbie said...

Wow, Naomi! We would love to see you guys. My e-mail is hoffhouse at hotmail dot com. Keep us posted!