Monday, February 11, 2008

Joy in my today:

breakfast with the church
and hearing Malachai ask - - "when is the church coming over?"

You've probably heard us talk about this before - - that we are challenged with the idea that we are subtly influenced with the way we use our words. (seriously, we rant on and on about this, so if you've heard it before, go ahead - - glaze over, skim to the bottom of this post, and just write a nice comment with the time you would have spent reading and deeply contemplating this post) for example, if we say we are "going to church" enough times, eventually, it's quite possible that "church" becomes someplace we go instead of something that we are and live and love! Yes, yes, I know that a proper understanding of Christ's church goes far beyond a mere grammatical reshuffling, but it seems a good place to start, and so, as a family, we have taken to differentiating between the church (a group of people who follow Jesus) and a building in which that church meets.
so there you have it - - this next week, as you are getting dressed on Sunday morning, or as you load into the car on Thursday night to head over to the Pue's cozy apartment for dinner and LOST, tell yourself that you are "going to be with the church". Come on now, humor me; give it a go!


lizandbunyan said...


Heather Pelczar said...

:) agreed.

Jacquelyn said...

excellent point! btw, to my children you and your husbands are "wishionaries" because you wish the people in spain would learn about Jesus.

Naomi Smith said...

and boy do we wish!

Catherine said...

well, you influenced us Naomi. Ever since you were here, that's how we refer to it.