Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spaniards do this really well

unisex baby clothes.
they usually come in sherberty colors - - greens, oranges, yellows . . .
While this is wonderfully practical (think - -easy transfer from your first baby girl to your second baby boy, or easy gift stock up for all the pregnant ladies in the neighborhood when you can't remember who's expecting a baby girl and who's expecting a baby boy), it can also be terribly confusing; just this past week, I mistook a baby boy dressed in peach for a baby girl (Arg! why didn't I check for earrings?!)
When Selma was born I scored this cream unisex outfit from my neighbor/friend Maite. Sooooo . . . if you like it, and are expecting either a girl OR a boy, let me know and I will set it aside for you (see, practical, huh?)
p.s. look, mom! Selma is wearing the little hat you knit for her! doesn't it do a nice job giving her outfit a feminine touch?


Heather Pelczar said...

Metros are having a baby girl this week! :)

darcie said...

I noticed the hat right away; glad it works!

Anonymous said...


So Jeremiah and I are trying to figure out our Europe trip this summer and we MUST see you, Joshua, the boys, and Selma before you leave for the summer. So since Rachel isn't being any help, please let me know when you are leaving, we will be able to plan out everything with you right at the center of the trip.


Gabrielle said...

Speaking of looking for earrings, Amaleah has wondered why in the world baby Selma has earrings, and she's just a baby..I explained what they do in Spain, and Amaleah said, "I am never getting my ears pierced. My ears are pretty just the way they are. If I want to wear earrings, I'll just get clip ons..."...hmmm, do we have another Mercy around here?

lizandbunyan said...

Very cute. I love the whole outfit. If I were expecting (which I am not!) I would try and claim it.
P.S. Where are you going for the summer? (I read your brothers comment)

Naomi Smith said...

push, Brenda, push!

Josiah, we are still working out some details, but we are working hard to figure them out as soon as possible! we are SO pleased about seeing you guys and feeding you guys and making you all play board games late into the night this summer!

Gab, tell your funny girl that I always see quite an elaborate selection of clip-ons at the goodwill, and that when she's ready to add on to her already beautiful lobes, she should look there!

Lory, we are trying to arrange our home assignment. plans are still a bit nebulous, however.
we'll get together!

Anonymous said...


The hat is so cute on Selma. You are so fortunate to have a Mom that is talented.



Anonymous said...

I wish I could hold that sweet cute babe!