Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Last week Malachai's teacher, Clara, asked us to make a list of ways that we celebrate Christmas in the United States so that the class could learn about Christmas in other counties. So we made the list, AND
Last night Malachai and I made gingerbread men to send along with the list.
As we mixed and rolled and cut, we chatted; he was so cute! he was giddy - - telling me he couldn't wait till the other kids tasted them - - that they would say to him "oh Malachai! que buenos!"
and we also practiced:
"what are they called in Spanish?" - - hombres de jengibre
"what if someone says 'yuck! this is disgusting!' ?" - - no pasa nada!
I listened to Malachai pray with Joshua tonight, and I heard him say "thank you, God, for helping me to remember to say 'no pasa nada' (no big deal) to Andy today when he said that he didn't like the cookies"
I'm glad we practiced; I'm glad God reminded him!


carol said...

what did you use for the buttons?

Megan C. said...

So cute. I'm glad Malachai was able to share these with his friends. :) I'm sure since you were the baker that they tasted wonderful! I still love making the "Newton" sugar cookies. They're the best!

Naomi Smith said...

Carol - - I used mini chocolate chips (it's what I had on hand!) I placed them, and Malachai pushed them in.

Hi Megan! the Newton sugar cookies ARE the best! (the Newtons got the recipe from Ginny - - Joshua's mom . . . so I guess they are officially Smith sugar cookies! :) )