Monday, September 03, 2007

Joshua is clever and smart and good with words - - so when the ministry web page needs to be put together, he does the writing

I'm the one with the camera - - so when Joshua tells me he needs pictures for the web page, I take the pictures.

this is what happens, though, when Joshua knows I am trying to take pictures for the web page; I think I have the harder job.


darcie said...

I Love those photos--indeed, you do have the harder job, but don't you love it? By the way, the box of cloth diapers arrived and Mercy says I should travel with her large hot pink suitcase to pack all the extra stuff for the Smiths!

love, Mom

Roy said...

hi naomi!

this is sero, using roy's account :) your photos are awesome and they remind me of our time together in spain. i miss malachai and josu so much! we'll keep checking your blog for updates :)

Naomi said...

mom - - I do love it!

Sero - - so good to hear from you! I have been thinking about you all a lot lately (uh . . . pretty much every time I cook; I WILL get those recipes to you!)

Chris and Heather Pelczar said...

Whether it is harder or not- it HAS to be hilarious fun! lol Love those pictures. IT sort of reminds me of Joshua leading worship in college group. I always loved his passion. He was never afraid to be heard either, which was appreciated. Oh how I miss you both! (Can't wait for Italy!- We're coming over!)