Friday, October 13, 2006

I have been thinking a lot about community lately - - about what exactly the church is, and how it should function, about how we, I should fulfil what Christ intends for his body - - his family, about how the relationships we have within the church are so delightful and good and attractive even to the unbelieving world around us.

anyways, the conversations we have had about this with our Pamplona city team, the dialogue I have had with Joshua, and the time I have spent thinking and praying have all been rich and challenging and stimulating, and can't really be communicated in a small paragraph. Two things I will share, though
1. I feel excited about examining what I do and evaluating whether I am fostering a home that is a pure, vibrant venue that will help to fulfill Christ's desires for his community. Is my home a small picture of what God wants his church to be? am I loving my husband and children? am I speaking kindly to them? are we patient and forgiving? Do we encourage those things in those who come into our home?
2. I am challenged to be creative in thinking of ways to expose unbelievers to the beautiful, exciting community of Christ. What ways will the world see our love for one another and therefore know we are Christians? How do I invite them in?


darcie said...

hummm. . .fostering a home which is a pure, vibrant venue--certainly a worthy pursuit, Naomi. Since I have more time to spend outside my home these days, I've considered what my life should reveal concerning my identity as a bondservant of the Lord Jesus Christ, both to the believer and the non-believer. As I serve my sisters in the community of believers, one practical way I can love them, I've discovered, is to go out of my way, choosing to inconvenience myself in arranging a time and place for meeting. Por ejemplo,rather than meeting half way, I can choose to drive the 90% distance to meet a woman who has small children and thus limited free time. As I think of the subject of your contemplation, I'm reminded to pursue a pure motive as I love the church and reach out to the non-believer, that I might adorn the doctrine of God, or display the beauty and radiance of the Gospel.
with affection, Mom

Kathy Anderson said...

I really needed to hear this as I struggle w/work, job, family illness and not becomig self-centered and forgetting Who I serve and what His purpose is. Thank you, Naomi, you are not the novice missionary you think you are.

Naomi said...

thanks mom and Kathy, for your input and encouragement; they were a blessing to me today